City Council

Photo of entire City Council taken June 2023

Agendas & Minutes


  1. Headshot of Ed Gaw wearing light blue button up shirt in front of American flag

    Edward Gaw

    Council Member, Seat 1

  1. Headshot of Matt Johnson wearing a black suit jacket with white button up and red tie

    Matt Johnson

    Council Member, Seat 2

  1. Headshot of Connie Butler wearing royal blue blouse in front of American flag

    Connie Butler

    Mayor / Council Member, Seat 3

  1. Headshot of Thomas Smith wearing navy suit jacket with light blue button up and light green tie

    Thomas Smith

    Council Member, Seat 4

  1. Headshot of Steven Kelley wearing gray suit jacket and light pink button up

    Steven Kelley

    Vice Mayor / Council Member, Seat 5

Council Overview

The Mayor and City Council have the ultimate responsibility for the administration of the government of the City of Green Cove Springs, appointing supporting boards and commissions, and managing the City's resources.

The City of Green Cove Springs is structured in a City Council/City Manager form of Government, with the Council functioning as the governing body.  The City of Green Cove Springs has had this form of government since the 1980 Charter revision. The City Council is composed of five members who are elected at large to three-year terms. The five member Council consists of the Mayor, the Vice Mayor and three Council Members. The Mayor and Vice Mayor are elected by the Council and serve in these positions for one year.  As the official representative of the City, the Mayor is responsible for all intergovernmental relations and for presiding over all meetings of the Council.  The Vice Mayor serves as the presiding officer for all Council meetings in the Mayor's absence.

As the City's governing body, the Council exercises legislative authority through the enactment of ordinances and resolutions.  The Council is responsible for the formulation of public policy as mandated by the City Charter.  As a part of its public policy role, the Council sets guidelines and adopts the annual operating and capital budgets.  Some of the Council's other responsibilities and functions include:

  • Supervising and evaluating two appointed officials: City Manager and City Attorney.
  • Appointing citizens to various boards and committees.
  • Representing the city to other governments and their agencies.
  • Representing the city to groups and organizations within the community.
  • Attending annual educational conferences by the Florida Municipal Utility Association, Florida League of Cities and National League of Cities.