City Clerk

Erin West was appointed City Clerk on May 7, 2019 by the City Council and took the Oath of Office on June 18, 2019. She is a member of the Florida Association of City Clerks (FACC) and the International Institute of Municipal Clerks (IIMC).  She received her Certified Municipal Clerk (CMC) certificate in 2019, her Master's Degree in Public Administration (MPA) from Florida State University in 2023, and is currently working on her Master Municipal Clerk (MMC) certificate.

The Mission of the City Clerk's Office

Efficiently meet all statutory obligations with respect to elections, public records retention and legislative actions of the City of Green Cove Springs.

Goal of the City Clerk's Office

To provide the highest quality of public service to the City of Green Cove Springs Mayor, City Council, City Manager, City Attorney, City Staff and administration in the most timely and convenient manner possible. To maintain and produce documents that enables the public to participate in local government.

What Is the City Clerk?

City Charter, Article IV. General Administration; Section 4.02. City Clerk:

"The city council shall appoint an officer of the city who shall have the title of city clerk. He shall be under the administrative direction and control of the city manager. He shall give notice of the meetings of the city council; shall keep the journal of its proceedings; shall authenticate, by his signature, and record in full in a book kept for that purpose, all ordinances and resolutions. He shall attest to and countersign by his signature all contracts, bonds, and other instruments as required by law; shall perform the duties of registration officer and shall perform other duties required by the Charter. The city clerk may appoint deputies to carry out requirements of this office at the discretion of the city manager".

The City Clerk's Office is a City-wide information and document resource center.

The City Clerk is a member of two professional organizations, The International Institute of Municipal Clerks and the Florida Municipal City Clerks Association. The mission of both organizations is to prepare its membership to meet the changes of the diverse rolls of the Municipal Clerk by providing services, promote integrity and excellence through education and professional development and to strengthen and support its membership, and to enhance its image.

The Office of the City Clerk

The Office of the City Clerk serves as an information center whose services impact a diverse clientele, including the general public, the media, and other governmental entities. Although the City Clerk's Office is traditionally associated with municipal elections and recording of the minutes of the City of Green Cove Springs Council meetings, its scope of business includes the following:

The Clerk is the historian of the City's recorded history, and therefore manages the official records of the City of Green Cove Springs. No other office in municipal service has so many contacts. The office serves the Mayor, the City Council, the City Manager, and all City Departments without exception. This office is called upon almost daily for some service or information, and the work demands versatility, accuracy and patience.

  • Maintains a list of all City boards and prepares appointment letters as required
  • Files and maintains statements of financial and candidate files for elected and City officials, employees and appointed representatives to Boards and or Committees by City Council Members
  • Maintains appointment calendar, schedules appointments, and meetings for City Council
  • Coordinates park reservations and maintains a calendar of events for Spring Park, Vera Francis Hall Park, Augusta Savage Arts and Community Center, and other recreational sites
  • Coordinates, prepares, and develops agendas and content for the City of Green Cove Springs regularly scheduled Council and special Council meetings, attests to and countersigns all contracts, bonds, ordinances, proclamations, resolutions and other official documents as required by law, and ensures that all Council documents are fully executed by all parties
  • Attends all meetings of the City of Green Cove Springs City Council, records and transcribes minutes of each meeting
  • Prepares and publishes legal notices, advertisements, and notices of public hearings, regular meetings and special called meetings
  • Assigns numbers to ordinances and resolutions passed or adopted by the City Council with distributions of ordinances and resolutions processed for Department Directors and others, as designated
  • Records and publishes ordinances and resolutions of each City Council meeting as required by statute or ordinance; ensuring compliance with those and other laws
  • Maintains and safeguards books and files of all official City records which include, but may not be necessarily limited to, minutes, ordinances, resolutions, proclamations, contracts, and agreements
  • Responsible for codification of laws for the City of Green Cove Springs City Code
  • Certifies the accuracy of copies of official City records, such as motions, resolutions, ordinances, codes and minutes for use in connection with legal proceedings
  • Directs Record Retention Program in accordance with Department of State guidelines; coordinates preservation and archival of all City Documents
  • Tracks all public records requests; confers with affected Department Director to ensure timely completion and serves as a liaison between the citizens and City Departments
  • Researches City, State, and Federal codes and statutes
  • The City Clerk's Office, in conjunction with the Clay County Supervisor of Elections Office, assists with all City elections
  • The City Clerk administers Oaths and Affirmations as necessary
  • Maintains and preserves the City seal