Payment Options

See an example of City utility bill format (PDF) used since August 2019.

Notice of Update to the Electronic Payment System

Customers may now set up electronic check options with their own bank's online bill pay systems by selecting the City of Green Cove Springs as an electronic bill payer. This will allow your payment to be automatically transmitted to us instead of your bank mailing us a check. We hope this new service will improve the bill pay process for our customers.

Online Payment ServicePay online

Credit cards may be used through the online Point and Pay Payment Service. Point and Pay will assess a convenience fee of 2.4% or a $2 minimum fee for each credit card transaction. Point and Pay also gives the option to pay through Electron Funds Transfer (EFT), transferring money directly from your bank account, at no charge. Customers can also make changes to their account directly through Point and Pay. When using Point and Pay, only select the "Submit" button once to complete your utility bill payment. Selecting "Submit" more than once may result in multiple charges to your credit card or bank account.

For questions on how to navigate your online pay account, go to our Online Pay How-To page

Telephone Payment System

Bill ExampleCredit card may be used through the automated phone system. Point and Pay Payment Service will assess a convenience fee of 2.4% or $2 minimum fee, for each credit card transaction.

Call 855-474-4075, option 1 (Effective April 1, 2019). You will no longer use a Pay ID but the Account Number located on your bill.

Automatic Monthly Payment

The Automatic Monthly Payment Plan offers you the convenience of having your electric bill payment automatically withdrawn from your bank account on your payment due date. You save the expense of a postage stamp or a special trip to your district office. You don't have to worry about mail delivery and you can be assured that your monthly payment will be credited to your account on time.

To initiate our Automatic Monthly Payment Plan, simply fill out an authorized agreement form and provide a voided check from the bank account you want to be debited. You will continue to receive monthly utility statements approximately 20 days before the statements are due. The statements will inform you of the amount to be debited against your bank account on the statement's due date. There is no cost for this service. Bank Draft (Automatic Payment) Application (PDF).

To make changes to your current Automatic Monthly Payment Plan, please submit a letter or email requesting the change. Include a copy of a voided check from your new bank account and a copy of your driver's license for identification verification. Mail, fax or email to:
City of Green Cove Springs
321 Walnut Street
Green Cove Springs, FL 32043
Phone: 904-297-7500
Fax: 904-284-2718
Email billing

Budget Billing Plan

The Budget Billing Plan (PDF) is a special fixed payment plan which provides participating members with predictable bills. By knowing the amount of your electric bill each month, budgeting becomes easier. This program is open to citizens 65 years of age or old, and those with a 100% military disability; proof of age and disability are required to participate in this program.

Budget Billing (Rolling 12-month Average) Application (PDF)

In Person

We are conveniently located in the City of Green Cove Springs City Hall at 321 Walnut Street Green Cove Springs, FL 32043. You may pay by cash, check, money order or credit card at our Customer Service Department between the hours of 7 am to 5 pm or at our drive-through window between the hours of 7 am to 5 pm from Monday to Thursday.

After Hours Depository

We have one after-hours depository, located at the drive-through window at the City Hall Building.

After-Hours Reconnection

Customers who have been disconnected for non-payment should call the Police Department 297-7300 for reconnection.

Customers must pre-pay their outstanding balance with the online or over-the-phone bill pay service and provide their confirmation code to the Dispatchers in order to be reconnected.

There is a minimum reconnection fee of $93.70 for this service.

By Mail

Mail payment to :
City of Green Cove Springs
321 Walnut Street
Green Cove Springs, FL 32043

Energy Saver

Tips from U.S. Department of Energy on saving costs in heating and cooling, electricity and fuel, and more:

Letter from the City Manager on Rising Natural Gas Prices in Summer 2022 Utility Bills

Citizens of Green Cove Springs and Customers of the City Electric Utility:

Recently there has been significant national discussion regarding cost of electricity and the Bulk Power Cost Adjustment (BPCA) that the City charges monthly. In this document, the mission is to explain and clarify some misinformation about the cost of electricity and the use of the BPCA.

The City of Green Cove Springs receives our power through the Florida Municipal Power Agency (FMPA) which is a joint action agency that consolidates the electric requirements of 31 Municipal Power Systems throughout the entire state of Florida. FMPA secures the required load for all of the municipal members and then coordinates the delivery of that power through transmission arrangements. The makeup of the power generation facilities that FMPA owns is: Natural Gas - 70%, Coal - 24%, Nuclear - 5%, and Solar - 1%. With this mix of generation facilities, the recent spike in Natural Gas prices is going to result in higher cost of generation and ultimately higher monthly utility bills to our customers.

To manage these spikes in natural gas and other fuel costs, the City electric rates are set up to have a base amount of power costs in our base rate. These rates must be submitted for approval to the State of Florida Public Service Commission. These rates have not been changed since 2015. We are not able to change our approved rates without confirmation from the Florida Public Service Commission. With that in mind, the electric rate structure does provide for a variable portion which is to address the fluctuations in our power costs, such as we are currently seeing with natural gas prices.

Each month the city will adjust the BPCA based on the actual power costs that we are provided through our agreement with FMPA. The actual BPCA is listed on your utility bill should you desire to track it. In a month where we have moderate to lower power costs the amount BPCA shown will be in the.01 to.025/kilowatt hour range. The current billing BPCA is.068/kilowatt hour. This is indicative of an increase in natural gas prices from the $2/MMBtu range to over $9/MMBtu. The base rate does not change monthly. The electric usage rate does not change monthly. Only the BPCA will vary monthly. The City can not simply add amounts to the electric bills without approval of the Florida Public Service Commission. The BPCA is a flow-through cost from FMPA that MUST be billed, collected, and then paid to FMPA who in turn pays for the cost of power invoiced to them from the power generators.

Finally, if any customer has the desire to discuss the BPCA impact on their monthly billing, please contact our Finance Department at 904-297-7500 to set up an appointment to discuss your bill.


City Manager Steve Kennedy

City Advises Customers Against Using for Utility Payments

The City would like to warn residents in the use of when paying their utility bill. It is a website that is one of the first search results when people search "City of Green Cove Springs utility payments." We want our customers to know that is not affiliated with the City of Green Cove Springs and is not the authorized payment portal for utility payments. The site also takes out a percentage of the utility payment as a fee, resulting in an incomplete utility payment to the City.

Cove Care to Share Program

Cove Care to Share Program allows customers to round their monthly utility bill up to the nearest dollar, and that change will contribute to an emergency utility payment fund for customers who need it the most. You can sign up by emailing Finance Customer Service or calling 904-297-7027. View the Cove Care to Share Program Sign-up Form (PDF).