The City of Green Cove Springs is a heavily commuted location due to Highway 17 and State Road 16 running through the heart of the City. Our geographic location, combined with the fact that the City is the Clay County Seat of Government, means that we experience heavy motorist traffic almost daily. Our department recognizes the importance of enforcing local and state traffic laws in order to keep our residents and visitors safe on our roadways.

The Green Cove Springs Police Department does not have a dedicated traffic unit, as that responsibility is placed on each and every patrol officer, and shift sergeant, working the streets. In addition to our patrol officers, the department utilizes the assistance of red-light cameras to catch violators who run red traffic signals within our city. The City of Green Cove Springs was one of the first jurisdictions in north-east Florida to install the red-light cameras, in 2011, and since then the City has observed a decrease in red-light violations and accidents at the intersections where the cameras are installed.

Please obey our speed limits when traveling through Green Cove Springs and drive carefully; also, be reminded that texting and driving is illegal in the State of Florida.