Community Visioning

Mission Statement

"Tomorrow's Vision" will create a plan that will define our unique identity, assure quality of life, and make Green Cove Springs a premier 21st-century city that reflects our traditional values, natural features, and historic characteristics.

Tomorrow's Vision Goals

Economic Development

  • Be proactive with the media in order to promote Green Cove Springs
  • Promote Commercial development in Green Cove Springs
  • Promote Industrial development in Green Cove Springs
  • Promote Lodging development in Green Cove Springs
  • Promote Restaurant business in downtown
  • Review the impact of By-Pass Roads on the City
  • Involve the property owners involved in the Vision Process
  • Obtain input from the property owners on the plans for their property
  • Revisit land uses on U.S. 17 and State Route (SR) 16
  • Limit car dealerships and other undesirable uses on U.S. 17
  • Promote Architectural Design Standards that illustrate Green Cove Springs identity


  • Restore brick streets
  • Determine the cost of brick streets
  • Develop plan to increase capacity of water system
  • Develop streets improvement plan
  • Investigate feasibility of selling electric company
  • Investigate the future of the police department
  • Explore stormwater treatment options
  • Identify infrastructure required for build out of vacant property and property in need of redevelopment
  • Develop 5-year plan for infrastructure needed for development and redevelopment
  • Assist the City in identifying funding sources for funding the infrastructure
  • Determine if a Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) would assist in financing the infrastructure needs.
  • Promote Conservation of Resources, i.e. water and electricity through education.
  • Examine the cost of second water meter used for irrigation.
  • Identify use of existing facilities
  • Identify tower sites
  • Examine ways of lowering electric rate

Planning & Land Development Regulations

  • Adopt historic preservation ordinance
  • Design and Adopt a Central Business District Parking Plan
  • Provide incentives for Appearance-based regulations
  • Develop a streetscape plan with Landscape and Tree Requirements
  • Create Zoning Overlay districts with Development Standards
  • Develop Guidelines on Historical Character of Green Cove Springs
  • Adopt a recommendation for a route for the St. Johns River Crossing that has an exit in Green Cove Springs
  • Promote the development of the Beltway around Green Cove Springs
  • Study Traffic Patterns in Green Cove Springs
  • Investigate traffic calming features in the city that reduce speeds
  • Improve the entrance to Green Cove Springs
  • Promote the connection of SR 16 East with SR 16 West
  • Improve pedestrian access in and around the city and the natural features within Green Cove Springs
  • Review the Signage Ordinance
  • Provide incentives for improved signs
  • Review previous studies and implement recommendations, such as ones included in the Downtown Redevelopment Manual
  • Review higher densities and heights in some areas of the areas

Recreation & Open Space

  • Promote River and Creek usage by canoes with recreation/ecotourism tours
  • Expand Vera Francis Hall Park
  • Promote river and creek usage
  • Identify a Blueway in Green Cove Springs
  • Identify funding sources for recreation improvements
  • Develop Eco-heritage tour that connects the St. Johns River to the Historical Triangle
  • Develop educational displays to be placed at parks and historic properties
  • Provide word-friendly/user-friendly signs
  • Develop Trail System
  • Create Welcome Areas
    • US 17 S
    • SR 16
    • From the River
  • Secure Anchor Spots
  • Investigate a Community Center and identify sites
  • Promote development that increases leisure pursuits
  • Encourage the establishment of a Sports Complex in Clay County
  • Develop interlocal agreements with Clay County for the county park facilities in Green Cove Springs.


  • Reactivate the Community Redevelopment Agency
  • Maintain the small-town character of Green Cove Springs
  • Promote Commercial development along Martin Luther King Boulevard
  • Promote Restaurant business in downtown
  • Improve Gateway sign into the city
  • Investigate use of the airport at Reynolds Park as an airport for corporate flights
  • Strengthen code enforcement activities
  • Provide landscaping along U.S. 17
  • Promote a "Clean Up City" campaign
  • Promote redevelopment of sites with boarded-up windows
  • Promote redevelopment of car dealership sites
  • Improve curb appeal and provide incentives for improved curb appeal
  • Investigate appearance codes and enforcement of appearance codes
  • Identify key areas for improvement and target areas for improvement such as all four corners of the SR 16 and U.S. 17 intersection
  • Promote streetscape improvements that provide landscaping and awnings on the buildings
  • Evaluate set-back requirements moving buildings closer to street
  • Evaluate the tree ordinance for its impact on redevelopment
  • Provide information about Green Cove Springs at local restaurants