Stormwater Management Utility

City of Green Cove Springs Stormwater Utility

On January 8, 2013, the City Council approved the creation of a Stormwater Management Utility (SMU). This utility established base rates for managing the operational needs of the stormwater system affecting each parcel of ground in the city.

Why is it necessary? The Florida Department of Environmental Protection-National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permit sets requirements in the elimination of materials entering the stormwater system. These increasing requirements demand greater required maintenance from the City in street sweeping, maintaining ponds, cleaning stormwater drains and pipes, public education, construction site inspections, and much more. This results in increased manpower and equipment costs.

With the creation of the SMU, an initial base rate of $3.50 per month, per parcel, was established. It should be noted that this rate is only designed to cover fixed operating costs and does not begin to cover the costs of large capital improvement projects.

Citizens of Green Cove Springs are charged $3.50 per month for each parcel of land they own whether it is developed or undeveloped.

Please Remember - Do not blow, rake, or put yard debris or other materials in the stormwater drains.