Park Facilities & Pool Reservations

ATTENTION: All events not sponsored through the City must contact Kimberly Thomas, Executive Assistant to fill out a Special Event Application prior to event (clinic, class, festival, etc.) Creating a reservation does not constitute approval of outside events! 

For Spring Park Pool Reservations, email Planet Swim or call 904-297-7070.

City Facilities Rental and Event Registration is now Online!

Go to the CivicRec site to create an account.

General Park Information (PDF) - further general information for Spring Park and Vera Francis Hall Park, including estimated available seating at each Shelter.

Park Rules and Regulations (PDF) - general park rules and regulations for all City-owned public parks and facilities

For the current schedule of reservations, go to CivicRec.

Spring Park 

Note: There is a separate fee to enter the City Pool

Spring Park Rental Pavilions Map (PDF) 

Spring Park pavilion codes:

  • (G) - Gazebo
  • (PP) - Pool Pavilion
  • (LP) - Large Pavilion (5 tables - seats 40 to 50)
  • (SP) - Small Pavilion (6 tables - seats 36)
  • (LPS) - Large Picnic Shelter (3 tables - seats 18)
  • (SPS-A) - Small Picnic Shelter (A) (1 table)
  • (SPS-B) - Small Picnic Shelter (B) (1 table)

Vera Francis Hall Park

Vera Francis Hall Park Rental Facilities Map

Vera Francis Hall Park pavilions:

  • Amphitheater
  • Picnic Shelter (A)
  • Picnic Shelter (B)
  • Softball Field - (All Reservations)

Augusta Savage Arts and Community Center

  • Thomas Hogan Memorial Gymnasium - Sports-Related Activities Only
  • Acie Strong & Deacon Bo Westbrook Ballfield Park - Sports- Related Activities Only