Citizens Advisory Committee

Agendas & Minutes


City of Green Cove Springs is now accepting additional applications for the Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC). Anyone living within city limits or any business owners within city limits can apply. This committee provides feedback on a variety of topics relating to City Operations, including projects, initiatives, policies, and issues brought before City officials and members of the City Council. Feedback given by the Citizens Advisory Committee may be taken into consideration by City officials and members of the City Council when making decisions on discussed topics. This committee is for residents and business owners passionate about Green Cove Springs and have a desire to learn more about how the City operates. Much like City Council and other City Boards, members of this committee will meet in publicly announced and recorded meetings once a month to discuss listed topics. Each meeting will have a publicly posted agenda and recorded minutes.

Email Kimberly Thomas, Executive Assistant to the City Manager for all other inquiries or call 904-297-7054.

Email all topics of concern or questions for the Citizen's Advisory Committee Members to the CAC.

Apply to be a member of the Citizens Advisory Committee by downloading the CAC Application (PDF) and CAC Survey (PDF)
Both forms must be submitted for consideration!

Note: Some inquiries may require a Public Records Request which is processed by emailing Erin West, City Clerk or calling 904-297-7047.